Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is essential to all blogs for the benefits of user. We always give more importance to the security of the articles in the blog. Our blog provides you the glimpse information for the users. If there is any link or wrong information available in the site the blog is not responsible for that. Some articles available in the blog have the promotional contents about some particular products or services. Our blog has giving you the guarantee only for the security features and the protection of the site it is not responsible for the links or any other promotional things. The blog is tracking the browser history to gather the information which is done by the ip address. In our blog it is having many thousand millions of articles are available and it may link to some other sites so our privacy conditions will not responsible for those sites.

Readers can get the recent updates through the notifications about the discussed topics. To get the notification you need to give the personal details like the name, mail id. By using the mail id we are collecting the information of your database from the social networks. When you are reading the articles in our blog some advertisements will show in the side but all those advertisements will not come under our terms and polices. When you are uploading your article in the blog it is very important to maintain the privacy policy conditions properly. If the policies are not followed then there is chance to reject your article from the blog.