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The inexperienced board about the base of the hard drive is called Printed circuit board (PCB). The primary purpose of the PCB would be to offer capacity to the drive, preserve turn and pace of the spindle, and manage all interior operations. Basically, PCB may be the hard drive’s minds that elements are greatly influenced by. Following the energy continues to be provided hard disks that not spin up could be identified asĀ pcb china failure. Occasionally we’d would rather exchange them ourselves since data-recovery support is extremely costly.


How to locate the HDD PCB boards that are corresponding?

  • American Electronic – same board quantity that will be etched about the PCB, start with 2060.
  • Seagate – the same Primary Control IC…, and also board quantity that will be etched about the PCB, start with 100. Should you cannot discover the quantity about the PCB (Aged Versions), you need to discover the same Primary Control IC.
  • Maxtor- same Primary Control IC (the largest processor about the board)
  • Hitachi- same info on the little white-label (first two lines)
  • Samsung – board quantity that will be etched about the PCB, start with BF41-
  • Fujitsu – board quantity that will be etched about the PCB, start with CA

Drive PCB Exchange Process:

Take away from equally hard disk drives with star screwdriver. Substitute the broken PCB with alternative one. Should you HDD moves up, but cannot be acknowledged, it’s also wise to trade the BIOS chip onto it. This means the BIOS chip is incorporated about the Primary Processor IC; you then must take away the broken Pubis Primary Processor IC towards the contributor PCB when there is no matching BIOS chip about the PCB. It’s less simple to switch the BIOS chip to the Primary Processor IC than trade. Please do many check about the PCBs which do not have the essential information should you do.

Before you exchange hard disk drive PCB generally, you need to trade the BIOS. You ought to have particular method. Note: you need to know the drive PCB disappointment not usually causes failures, exchange PCB cannot assure to repair the hard drive problems all. There are lots of PCB online retailers that are excellent offer a myriad of PCB for the data-recovery requirements! They offer a myriad of PCB: Seagate, Fujitsu, Maxtor IBM and Western Digital. They are able to usually enable you to discover the marching PCB for the drive.

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